LED RF EMS Ion Skin Care Facial Beauty Massager for Home Use

LED RF EMS Ion Skin Care Facial Beauty Massager for Home Use



High Frequency Facial Machine Face Cleaning, Face Moisture RF Ion Skin Care Device LED Facial Massager Home Use, Light Therapy Device for Vibration Skin Firming Care

Perfect to treating wrinkled, aging, fibrous tissue aging, inelastic, dark, rough and dull skin.
Apply to home use, beauty salons, fitness clubs as well as use when traveling.
Gently massage to relax your skin, tightens and renews skin of face & neck.
Easily to charge, full charge requires about 1 hour.
The packaging has a delicate style and unique materials which represents the dignity, high quality and sincerity of BURRKI’s brand value.
modes help you to remove makeup residue, blackheads, acne, oil, dirt, shrink pores, prevent blocking pores.
energy levels adjustment, meet a variety of skin requirements, suitable for fragile skin, sensitive skin, damaged skin, red blood silk skin, etc.

RF+clean, RF+moisture, RF+EMS, RF+red LED, cool+blue LED
Functions of 5 modes:
RF & Ion+ & Vibration: Warm deep skin, absorb and remove the dirt which difficult to remove by normally washing face, make the skin cleaner and more relaxed.
RF & Ion- & Vibration: Warm deep skin, the nutrients penetrate into the stratum corneum of the skin, it becomes more moist and shiny.
RF & EMS: Warm deep skin and massage the muscles, then it becomes more flexible, used for neck and shoulder.
RF & Red LED: Warm deep skin and let the skin do the light care. Deep nourish the skin becomes more moist and shiny, red light promote collagen proliferation
Blue LED & Cool: Cool skin, shrink and tight pores, let the skin becomes more moist and shiny.

Package Includes:
1 x Main Machine; 1 x USD Cable; 1 x Potable Bag; 1 x User Manual



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