IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal Handset Device



IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal Handset Device

Say Good-Bye To Hair Removing And Waxing.

Sick of shaving or expensive laser-clinic visits?

Why pay thousands of dollars for a professional laser treatment to remove unwanted hair, not to mention the pain that goes along with it when you can remove your hair all on your schedule. Using our Laser Hair Removal is the fastest, safest and most painless way to remove hair permanently in the comfort and the privacy of your home. 

This IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal Handset Device effectively removes unwanted hairs and inhibits it from growing with continuous use.  It works using laser technology that emits rapid light pulses. The pulse works under the skin’s surface to target hairs at the root to inhibit their growth. It’s gentle enough for everyday use and it won’t cause irritation at all! It can be used in the underarms, legs, thighs, bikini line, face, neck, shoulders, and back. 

Main Features & Benefits:

✓  Suitable for most areas of the body – Including underarms, legs, thighs, bikini line, face, neck, shoulders, and back. 

✓  Suitable for both Women and Men

✓  Uses the latest laser technology clinically proven for safe and effective use amongst dermatologists 

✓ 100% pain-free – Gentle on the skin

Proven effectiveness

Over 75% hair reduction after 4 treatments. Objective studies show significant hair reduction in as little as 4 treatments. After these four treatments, you can enjoy the freedom of smooth skin for up to two months between treatments. 

 Instructions for use:

  • Use a medical alcohol wipe to clean the glass window
  • Press the “Power button” for 1 second, it will start and enter into the working state
  • Click the “Power button” to select the suitable intensity level, there are five intensity levels indicated with the blue indicator lights. The diagram below shows intensity level from low to high power, level 1 is the minimums power setting, level 5 is maximum power intensity. Any adjustment can be made in the sequence shown with a click of the power button.
  • Once the intensity level is set, move the flash window to the skin which can cover the flash window completely, you will see the red indicator light dickering and then click the flash button, the device will flash one time; After every flash operation the red indicator light will be turned off to charge the power, after 1~3 seconds the light will return to indicating that it is ready for use again.
  • Press the power button for 3 seconds to shut down it. (When finished using, please clean the flash window using the suggested medical alcohol wet-wipe)
  • This product can be used for excess hair such as lip hair, armpit hair, limb body hair, forehead hair, etc. Painless hair removal is suitable for black hair and dark-hair people, it is not suitable for white, gray or blonde (refer to the color contrast card in the user manual)

How often use IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal Handset Device:
  • A hair removal cycle is using 6-12 times.
  • Using one time every 2 weeks from first to sixth treatment.
  • Using one time every 4 weeks after sixth treatment.
  • If you find it comes into new hair after 6-12 treatment, you can switch to maintenance treatment. Such as every 2 or 3 months, depends on individual hair growth rhythm.

 Suitable skin tones


Suitable hair colors

IPL Hair Removal Technique

Are there any long term effects of IPL usage? Is it safe for my skin?

Professional IPL treatments already exist for 25 years and researches haven’t shown appearance of skin cancer or fertility issues. No serious side effects or damage from long-term use have been reported. IPL technology is derived from the technology used in professional salons. We have adapted the technology for safe and effective use at home. 

Is IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal Handset Device safe to use on the face?

By checking your skin type, you can choose the specific setting that will ensure effective yet gentle treatment on your face. As the area around your eyes is very sensitive, we recommend using it only below the cheekbones in order to avoid the risk of eye damage. To achieve optimal results on the cheeks, upper lip and chin, stand in front of a mirror to get a good view of the area to be treated and the ‘ready to flash’ light.

Scope of application: 

Lips, Armpit hair, Limbs, Forehead hairline, and others affect the beautiful hair; 
Painless hair removal for black hair and dark hair

Package Included:
1X IPL machine(Rose Gold/White)
1XPower adapter(EU/US)
1X Manual



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