2 Heads Ultrasound Photon Acne Fighting Anti-Aging Device

2 Heads Ultrasound Photon Acne Fighting Anti-Aging Device


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1. Skin rejuvenation.
2. Improve skin elasticity and skin smoothness.
3. Improve skin-metabolism.
4. Improves absorption of skin care product.
5. Shrink skin pores.
6. Acne and pigmentation removal.
7. Fine lines & wrinkle removal

1. One is ultrasonic head
2. The other is LED light head with 3 colors 
( press the button to change )

How to use
Test the ultrasound with a few drops of water
Ultrasonic head (mainly for body)

1. Click “on/off” button (on 1MHz);
2. Press the “Sonic” button to select an intensity level (Low – Medium – High), and then the ultrasound works (the water “dances” on the ultrasound head).
LED light head with 3 colors (mainly for face)
1.Press “on/off” button TWICE (on 3MHz).
2. If you press the “Sonic” button (3 levels: Low – Medium – High), the middle ULTRASOUND part works (the water “dances” on it).

3. If you press the “Photon” button, the LED light (Red- Blue- Green) works.

It has two exchangeable probes: one is 3MHz stainless steel probe with photon, the other is 1MHz stainless steel probe with bigger surface. What’s more, it is rechargeable, so it is more convenient for the customers to use.The generator of 3MHz stainless steel probe with photon can have 3 million times of micro-amplitude vibration per second. It has the most efficient and secure ultrasonic index among the trade now. As it can reach only 1mm under the skin, so it is more suitable for the skin care around eyes. Ultrasonic waves of 1MHz can also decompose the waste around fat, consume energy, renovate damaged lymph and capillaries vessel, so that it can make you lose weight and achieve good shape

1. Ultrasound

Ultrasound was developed in medicine, but more recently applied in beauty. With its triple-impact effectiveness, it brings surprising innovation to beauty care. It’s an exciting yet simple and powerfully effective tool to rejuvenate your skin. Ultrasound uses the cutting-edgetechnology of very high-speed, low-frequency sound waves that radiate invisible micro vibrations deep within cells, helping stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanisms in distinct ways. Ultrasonic utilizes sonic vibrations; it works one million times per second. Ultrasound provides non-surgical lifting. The ultrasonic wave could stimulate skin tissue and improve permeability of the membrane to promote collagen tissue, reduce wrinkles, erase fine lines, lift the skin and result for a younger, healthier look. Ultrasonic generates frictional heat, which accelerates blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and decomposes the cellulite to break down excess fat. Ultrasound treatments are non-invasive, safe and suitable for all types of skin. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this new and advance beauty technology.

In only 10-15 minutes daily, you’ll experience dynamic changes in the look of your face: your skin will appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with the technology of ultrasonic. Ultrasonic massage reaches deeply into the skin. Ultrasound Beauty Massagers produce micro-vibrations, which are often used to help stimulate the body’s recovery from illness and injury. Although invisible to the eye and undetectable by our skin, micro-vibrations can also reach fats that have built up in areas such as the lower abdomen, hips, thighs, calves or double chin in order to achieve slimming.

2. LED Light Therapy

  • The blue light penetrating about 0.5mm has the function of calming against skin rashes; suitable for the skin which is sensitive, oily and with skin rashes. It can adjust skin sebum secretion, effectively get rid of acne and whelk to reach the aim of beautification. Besides, the blue light can astringe and tighten loosened skin. 
  • The red light penetrating 8-10mm is suitable for any type of skin; it can reach derma to stimulate fibre cells. Heating can improve blood circulation and collagen albumen hyperplasia to reduce wrinkles and make skin more elastic and smooth. The mild wave length is suitable for surrounding eyes and forehead. 
  • The green light between red light and blue light is suitable for mixed skin. It can improve the function of alternating use of cells and oxygen and activate the microcirculation function of body surface. Meanwhile, calming the skin can make both body and skin relax, and reduce the pain of skin.


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