1MHz Ultrasonic Slimming Beauty Device Machine

1MHz Ultrasonic Slimming Beauty Device Machine



1MHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Anti Cellulite Body Fat Burner Electric Ultrasound Therapy MachineProduct

This ultrasound beauty massager, with the principle of ultrasonic wave generated by high frequency (1MHz) current, can penetrate deep surrounding tissue beneath skin, increase the metabolism of skin tissue and improve the circulation of blood and make your body shape more attractive and slim. The ultrasonic slimming massager can produce 100million per second vibration which can break up cellulite, and also this ultrasonic massaging is effective to massage skin to accelerate skin metabolism and improve lymphatic circulation.


1. With ultrasound working theory, this massager can produce high frequency mechanical vibration which is effective to massage skin to accelerate skin metabolism and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.
2. Doing skin massage by using this device, Water-borne nutrients can be more effectively absorbed through skin. The Water-borne nutrients have obviously functions in removing pimples, spot, freckles, wrinkles, eye around dark circles, so as to lighten up your face.
3. Delicate and fashionable device design, compact and convenient to use, effective and helpful on skin beauty.
4. 12V low voltage current input, safe to use. User friendly device design with two working intensity levels, long battery life to support lasting device working time.

Operation Instruction
1. Clean skin first, especially skin areas to be massaged.
2. The skin area to be massaged should firstly be moisturized by smear some lotion, cream or massage oil.
3. To enhance the device massaging effects, users are advised to smear some fat burning gel or cream to target skin massaging area.
4. Users should be noticed that without moisturizing the target massaging skin area the skin beauty effects will significantly be reduced.

To avoid unnecessary risks, users are required to read product manual carefully before using.

Users who with skin wounds or skin diseases are forbidden to use this device.
User who with high blood pressure are forbidden to use this device.
User who under age 16 are forbidden to use this device.
User should not point the device head to eyes.
When using this device, please do not point this device to one skin area for more than 3 seconds.
Before or after using, please clean and sterilize the device head to make sure it is in good sanitation condition.
Unplug the device power cable after using.
This device should not be disassembled by non professional person.
Please protect this device from falling from high place or violent impact.

Package Includes
1 x Main Machine
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual




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